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Motu Patlu Watching Moment II Motu Patlu Vs MohiMihir Watching II Good And Bad Effects Of Cartoons On Kids

How To Child watch Motu Patlu Watching Moment of MohiMihir

Good And Bad Effects Of Cartoons On Kids

Why do our kids want to watch TV? What do they exactly watch over there? Of course cartoons and it's a great source of fun and entertainment for them. Me and my husband are also kind of addicted to some cartoons like 'Doraemon' and 'Motu Patlu' :) My husband even installed a game on Doraemon that he loves to play whenever he takes break from work. 

Not to blame kids for their addiction, they get to see colorful characters, jolly voices, beautiful sceneries, typical flying human like things without any harm. Nowadays, kids start watching TV at a very early stage when they are not even 1 year old. We as parents only show them most of the nursery rhymes available in cartoon forms so that they start learning early. But as the kids grow, they have growing mind and curiosity and fast learning capability by observing things. And that’s why cartoons directly make an impact on their minds and nature as well.

So, we try to keep it in our hands what cartoons they can watch and what not. And here I am sharing some positive effects of cartoons on kid’s mind.

Sense of imagination: We know cartoons are way different from the real life but they give children a sense of imagination. My daughter was playing a bike game on her Papa's phone and she asked him, 'Papa, please buy me this bike', my husband asked, 'but this bike is too small, how will you be able to ride it' and my daughter's reply to that was 'Don't worry Papa, I'll get BIG LIGHT gadget from Doraemon and make it to my size'. This was her imagination. We shocked and she rocked as always!!! :D
Sense of achievement: Many characters in the cartoons are very hardworking and serious about studies, some are very good in sports and some are too genius to do some innovations in science. Whatever it is, it impacts on the kids mind to achieve something or at least they want to score good. 
Keeps them healthy: They laugh watching funny things happen on tv and as we know laughing is very good for heart and mid, they feel fresh. Some characters have some things special to eat when they get energy. Like, Popeye eats Spinach which can be taught to kids very easily. Various cartoon characters have good physique and are fitness freak as well. So there comes somethings that we leave on cartoons to teach them, we just need to make the kids think that way
Learning new things: Kids usually don’t love to read book, as a book does not have anything interesting or funny according to them. But a child can easily catch the message by watching. That’s why now-a-days schools prefer to teach a kid with video or animation. And here exactly what happens when the entertainment with learning is good combination to teach a kid. Many video games and play stations are also used for teaching kids by tutors.
Family connections: In cartoon series, kids have their families in which they show how they stay connected, fight and get together again, how friends keep their friendships and a lot more. All this have a good impact on kids when it comes to their loyalty with their family and friends.
Language Building: Very importantly, watching cartoons, they develop good vocabulary which they start using very often because they listen to it very often. They found it like a play when they talk as same as their favorite cartoon characters. At my home, my daughter watches Doraemon mostly in hindi language and she started saying me 'Mamma Aapka bahut bahut shukriya', 'Aapka swagat hai', 'Please mujhe maaf kar do' etc. As it looks cute on her we are happy she is learning something that we generally don't talk like. 

As we discussed all these positive effects of cartoons on them, here are some negative effects too that we need to take care of:

Learning: According to a report titled "The Effects of Cartoon Characters as Motivators of Preschool Disadvantaged Children," cartoon characters stimulate interpersonal behavior, learning and social growth. Children associate with cartoon characters more readily than adults in many cases and tend to retain the lessons imparted more readily. 
Aggression: Many cartoon show the aggression part too. if not the hero of the series, there are a lot of negative characters who play aggressive roles. Eg, in Doraemon, they have one character named 'Jyan' who always act with violence and this affects very badly on kids. They are very small to understand the difference between the negative and positive characters played in the series.
Medical Problems: Spending most of the time in front of TV watching cartoons without any breaks can lead to bad health problems which can include low eyesight, headache, overweight etc. Attention deficit disorder is another problem arising because of over watching the cartoon series. Reports from Bowling Green State University cite a detrimental effect on the brains of children who watch too many cartoons, including children developing attention deficit disorder and, in one infamous case of the "Pokemon" show in Japan, seizures. Regardless of the effects, children must have a balanced lifestyle that includes exercise and outdoor activity.

In any case, we can't our kids to watch the cartoons, our only duty is to be selective when it comes to cartoon channels or programs. We can always keep an eye what they are watching and how they are reacting to it. As of now, just let them enjoy the cartoons as well as their childhood and we love to be a part of all that with them!!!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Any omissions or errors are the author's and MohiMihir does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.

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